Redesign of Life Priority Health Supplement Platform

Life Priority Platform Redesign


Since 1994, Life Priority has recognized the importance of sourcing high quality supplements for our customers. Selectively chosen for quality, and backed by scientific research, Life Priority supplements are made to complement a healthy and active lifestyle. The scientists behind Life Priority, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw – Life Extension Scientists & Designer Food™ Formulators are independent experts in anti-aging research and brain biochemistry and have many awards including the Award for Excellence in Health & Education from the Association for Holistic Health, for individuals who have made special contributions to biomedical aging research.

Educating our customers in multivitamins and supplements that can improve your health and serve as a great way to add years to your life. Now, almost 30 years after retiring from Major League Baseball, Greg and his wife, Michelle continue to offer top-quality health and nutritional supplements to health enthusiasts across the globe.

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Platform Design Goals & Objectives

UX Strategy

Ensure that site navigation was intuitive for visitors to be able to find the information they were looking for with the least amount clicks.

Provide customers with the ability to easily find and purchase supplements and vitamins.

Give customers the ability to search for food trucks by name, specific food, or be cuisine.

Provide customers with educational information through free consultations and health related articles.

Provide customers a way to directly interact with food truck owners via social media, direct messaging, or any other available means.

Wholesale Program

Partner with other health and medical professionals to offer wholesale prices based on product quantity purchase and associated roles.

Affiliate Program

Offer an affiliate program for Life Priority products with incentive based compensation.

Classified Ads

Enable members to be able to buy, sell, or trade equipment with local or remote resources.

Google My Business

Create and optimize Google My Business listing for increased local online presence.

Platform Hosting

After platform build and testing completion client opted to remain on our hosting solution. This allows the client to take advantage of our support model and continued engagement for platform enhancements.

Website Security

Deployment of our backup solution that performs multiple backups of the client website on our secure Amazon S3 servers with our 1-click restore functionality.

Speed Optimization

After platform build and testing completion implemented our speed optimization process to ensure that page load speeds were fast. This includes caching of static pages, image optimization, lazy loading of images, deferring loading of specific content until user reaches it or hovers over a link.

Website Firewall

We deployed our firewall solution that keeps the bots, hackers, and spammers from gaining access. The rules that are set in the firewall will identify any suspicious activity and immediately block it to ensure the protection of the platform.

IP Address Monitoring

We also deployed our intelligent network blocking tactics to prevent traffic coming from specific locations. We utilize a solution that shares IP addresses of known hackers so that we can blacklist them before any potential attempts to gain access. We also automatically block specific attempts on certain account names on the first try, no second chance allowed.

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