Telemedicine platform for Bio-Identical Hormone Pharmacist & Certified Nutritional Practitioner

The Wellness By Design Project Platform Build


Our client is an accomplished compounding pharmacist with decades of experience helping patients improve their quality of life through bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Her passion to optimize health and commitment to compounding is evident in her involvement with organizations including the International College of Integrated Medicine and the American College of Apothecaries, American Pharmacists Association and the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding  She was also the founder and first chair for the Compounding Special Interest Group with the American Pharmacists Association. She is chair for the Integrated Medicine Consortium.

She came to us in need of a new platform that would allow her to continue her work in more of a one on one setting. We were happy to help her on this new journey.


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Platform Design Goals & Objectives

UX Strategy

Ensure that site navigation was intuitive for visitors to be able to find the information they were looking for with the least amount clicks.

Logo Creation

Design logo due to not having existing one based on input and ideas from our client. Also taking into consideration branding for her business to ensure recognition and trust.

Book Reviews

Allow for book reviews written by our client to be posted in a clean and very user friendly format. Also needed to be able to send users to Amazon to purchase reviewed books if they desired.

Affiliate Relationships

Provide a way for platform users to take advantage of discounted products through affiliate relationships that had been established.

Professional Email Solution

Leveraging our Professional Reseller partnership with GoDaddy we were able to provide our client with several choices and plans to suit the need for a professional email address associated with the domain.

Platform Hosting

After platform build and testing completion client opted to remain on our hosting solution. This allows the client to take advantage of our support model and continued engagement for platform enhancements.

Online Appointment Booking

Allow users to schedule online appointments with ease that would allow  interaction virtually with clients in need of coaching services. This would require an online calendar with availability and notifications from the platform when appointments were scheduled or the status of the appointment had changed.

Online Payments for Services & Subscriptions

Allow users to book and pay for services or subscribe to private content with a few simple clicks all in the same transaction. We chose to integrate Zoom into the platform for recurring monthly meetings that were subscription based and allowed for use of Zoom for scheduled consultations. When the appointment was made the client would receive notification and the Zoom link for the appointment.

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