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Crypto Swag Outlet Platform Build


We are Crypto Swag Outlet and we are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest crypto swag.

Our mission is to offer our customers the largest variety of the coolest crypto merchandise in one location. Keeping our eye on the current crypto market trends and listening to what our customers have to say about the merchandise they want to ensure we are rolling out our products based on those extremely important factors.

Crypto Swag Outlet

Platform Design Goals & Objectives

UX Strategy

Ensure that site navigation was intuitive for visitors to be able to find the information they were looking for with the least amount clicks.

Provide customers with the ability to easily find and purchase cryptocurrency swag.

Give customers the ability to purchase items such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other crypto related products.

Loyalty/Rewards Program

Reward customers with loyalty points for various actions such as purchasing, sharing on social media and providing feedback.

Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment

Deploy a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows customers to chose to pay either through traditional credit cards or to purchase online goods using predetermined cryptocurrencies with no impact to the customer checkout experience.

Social Media Platforms

Create and manage all social media platforms for the CryptoSwagOutlet platform.

Platform Hosting

After platform build and testing completion client opted to remain on our hosting solution. This allows the client to take advantage of our support model and continued engagement for platform enhancements.

Website Security

Deployment of our backup solution that performs multiple backups of the client website on our secure Amazon S3 servers with our 1-click restore functionality.

Speed Optimization

After platform build and testing completion implemented our speed optimization process to ensure that page load speeds were fast. This includes caching of static pages, image optimization, lazy loading of images, deferring loading of specific content until user reaches it or hovers over a link.

Website Firewall

We deployed our firewall solution that keeps the bots, hackers, and spammers from gaining access. The rules that are set in the firewall will identify any suspicious activity and immediately block it to ensure the protection of the platform.

IP Address Monitoring

We also deployed our intelligent network blocking tactics to prevent traffic coming from specific locations. We utilize a solution that shares IP addresses of known hackers so that we can blacklist them before any potential attempts to gain access. We also automatically block specific attempts on certain account names on the first try, no second chance allowed.

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