Building Online Success for a Catering & BBQ Rub Company

Mr. Bevis Platform Build


Mr. Bevis Catering & KC Flavor was born from the combination of two companies Mr. Bevis BBQ Rubs and Mr. Bevis Catering Co. Founder. The solution needed to encompass all aspects of both companies, all rolled into one.

Platform Design Goals & Objectives

UX Strategy

Ensure that site navigation was intuitive for visitors to be able to find the information they were looking for with the least amount clicks.

Combine Product Offerings

Allow for catering services and BBQ rub products to be sold and scheduled from the same platform seamlessly. This would require integrating an existing online store into the new platform and ability to automate all of the catering services menus that change on a weekly basis when they were ready to make the switch from manually processing the catering services.

Recipe Sharing

Provide a format where client could share their recipes with the customers which continues to build trust with their online followers.

Google My Business

Establish and maintain Google My Business page for business and update with all products, services, and marketing. This includes post and image optimization to ensure optimal results on search rankings.

Social Media

Assist with social media and platform visual consistency.

Platform Hosting

After platform build and testing completion client opted to remain on our hosting solution. This allows the client to take advantage of our support model and continued engagement for platform enhancements.

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