A targeted content strategy will be created based on our research of your message or objective that you are trying to achieve. That research and competitive analysis is meant to do one thing and one thing alone, drive targeted traffic to your platform and increase conversions.

It probably takes less time than you think to create strong content. If you are going at it with no plan or idea, then yes, you will likely end up frustrated and feel defeated. Take a little time to outline and plan before you start pounding on the keyboard and you may be shocked at the end product you create.Treat your content like it was the product that you want your customers to buy with a dash of passion.

Content Creation

The creation of great and targeted content is not a process that should be taken lightly. We will work with you to ensure that your content is keyword rich, actionable, and trustworthy. Creating engaging content that increases the knowledge of your customers about your company and products is crucial to conversions and search engine rankings. It’s like reading a book that you just can’t put down, if you can create that feeling of wanting to know more, what happens next? You’ve created a content page turner that will surely have your platform buzzing with all kinds of activity!

Why Content Matters

How many businesses fail to achieve their objectives because they simply didn’t take the time to invest in a meaningful content strategy? The content on your platform is the image that you portray to your customers and is solely responsible for representing your business. Think about it from this angle, does your platform convey who you are and why potential customers should choose you over another business?

The content you choose to display on your platform will create a perception of what you know, how much you know about a particular subject, what you are capable of, and the things that are important to you. It should convey that you have an in-depth knowledge regarding your subject matter that immediately creates belief and trust with customers. Customers want a product from a business that they can believe in, they want to feel like no matter what happens that you are going to be there to guide them to an informed decision.

So, what makes great content?

The quality of your content is very important to your success, so how do you determine what content to use and how to structure it? Decide what your message is to your customers and become an expert, you’ll be shocked with what a little passion will do for your message. Great content is content that is born when passion and research meet in the middle. If your selling a product, sell the most amazing product that anyone has ever had a chance to own and make sure they know everything about it. Just keep this point in mind, you’re selling your passion for your content at the same time and that will resonate with your customers.

Your content is your message, make sure when your finished that it is actionable for your customer by solving a need, a problem or to make a purchase that created a trustworthy experience that they will have to share.

Always ensure your content is trustworthy and any data that you have chosen to use is solid, from a reputable source and captures your message.

In-Depth and Informative

Don’t write content just for the sake of taking up page space, it’s boring first and foremost. Make sure that your content is focused and informative.

As I sit here writing content about content, make sure that what you write has a good shelf life. While I would expect periodic updates to your content, it’s not something you should be doing every week, actually it should last for months if it is strong.

There are simple indicators that you can benchmark regarding the overall health of your content, ideally you want a low bounce rate, meaning you want customers to stay on your site and move through your content. Your bounce rate, without going into a scientific explanation, is the percentage of visitors that exit your site quickly. In other words you failed to grab their attention.

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