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Our founder has over 22 years of experience in the digital world with most of that time spent in application architecture with a passion for business operations. That passion and experience has lead to multiple software patents, speaking engagements at global software conferences, and Application Performance Management (APM) software vendors directly seeking input on how to enhance their offerings.

This passion lead to our journey into the Open Source world and out of that the Open Raptor project was born and we embraced the Open Web Analytics Open Source Project. We are very excited for this offering and the many more to come that are currently on our product roadmap.

Ranked Brain participates in and contributes to the Open Web Analytics Open Source Project to ensure that we meet and exceed our own monitoring and analytics requirements. We continue to work on and contribute enhancements based on the needs of our clients and the general public.

With Raptor Open Web Analytics tracking abilities you can record page views, e-commerce transactions, action events, and custom events that you create.

We are always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience, this gives us the necessary visibility directly into the exact experience the user is having to ensure that it is exactly what they are looking for, which equates to conversions.

Raptor Open Web Analytics also gives you the ability to record visitors actions while they are interacting with your website. This information is invaluable as it allows you to see what they are doing by watching the playback videos and make adjustments based on actual user actions.

We now give you Raptor OWA.

What is Open Web Analytics?

When it comes to monitoring the experience of your users, it is easy to monitor and optimize just the landing pages. But, your user’s journey end at the landing page, it could just be starting. Monitoring the journey of your users can provide you with invaluable insight into your site. Every click the user makes on your site or service needs to work and be just as responsive as the initial page load. With Raptor OWA you can be assured each step in the user’s journey is fast and error free leading to higher user confidence, user retention, and conversions.

Traffic Sources

Track where your visitors are coming from. Learn which pages your users are landing on, exiting from, and what pages are the most popular.

Visual User Mapping

See visual representation on a global map of where your users are and where they aren’t. Drill down into the data visually to get a better understanding of your overall presence.

Visitor Loyalty

See which visitors keep coming back, how long between visits and what they are looking at. Don’t you want to know what keeps them coming back? Imagine what you could do with that knowledge.

Traffic Referrals

Wondering if your traffic is coming from a search engine, which one it is? Are your users coming from social media platforms such as Facebook? Are they coming in organically? Get the information that you need to understand where your traffic is coming from.

Visitor Session Recording & Heatmaps

OWA can be configured to record the mouse movement, clicks, focus, etc. that a user generates while they interact with your web page. The Tracker will record the session and periodically send it to the server as a single event for playback.

This allows you to watch the recordings to see what your users are, and just as important, are not doing. No guessing here, you are actually watching the recorded session.

Create heatmaps that will show you where time is being spent and where users are clicking. Want to know if your content is actually being looked at? You can stop wondering now.

NOTE: The Domstream module must be activated in your Raptor OWA instance to record and playback Dom Streams.

Conversion Tracking

Web site conversion events can be tracked by setting up “goals” and conversion funnels. Conversion goals are web pages that represent a conversion on your web site or application.

Examples of Conversion Goals:

The “confirmation” or “receipt” page that is presented after an e-commerce purchase is made.

The “thank you” page shown after a form has been submitted.

The page shown after someone subscribes to a newsletter or mailing list.

You can define up to 15 goals per tracked web site. Goals can also be grouped into Goal Groups for reporting purposes.

Goal Funnels

Each goal can have a goal funnel associated with it. Goal Funnels are a set of pages that represent the path that you expect users to take before they accomplish a goal. Funnels are useful for determining the effectiveness of the path you have constructed for users to convert.

For an e-commerce web site a funnel might be:

Adding an item to the shopping cart.

Entering shipping details.

Selecting the payment method.

Seeing the confirmation page (goal).

Ad Campaign Tracking

Having a hard time determining if your Ad Campaign is working? With Campaign tracking for the specific marketing theme that you are using to drive the traffic we can capture the data and show you the results.

A campaign tracking value is defined which often ties directly to the name of the marketing campaign or thematic groupings of ads.

For example:

“Back to School” or “20% Off Sale”

In the case of a email marketing the name of the e-mail promotion or newsletter.

OWA Reporting Demos

Below are some examples that take you into OWA’s reporting interface. Normally this reporting would be password protected based on the site owners requirements, but this is actually a live demo.

Ranked Brain participates in and contributes to the OWA Open Source Project to continue enhancements based on the needs of our clients and the general public. We are always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience, this gives us the necessary visibility directly into the exact experience the user is having to ensure that it is exactly what they are looking for, which equates to conversions.

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