Ranked Brain – 2020 #Toys4KCTots Charity

Ranked Brain is proud to sponsor #Toys4KCTots for a second year. We started by sponsoring the social media platform in 2019 for the Toys For Tots drive. There have been a lot of changes in all of our lives in 2020, but there are still things that we can control and we can continue to spread joy. During this holiday season I know that there are a lot of things that I am personally thankful for, at the very top of that list is my family and friends. Another thing that has always been very important, part of my core beliefs, is giving back to my community. I have been involved in many different things that have allowed me to give back and make an impact where I can, I have been thankful for each and every one of those opportunities.

You don’t have to approach making an impact or a difference by trying to as they say, boil the ocean. I’ve always thought to myself, it only takes one, whether that be one positive interaction, one deed, one hello with a smile, one positive action, each one of those will change the course of a day for someone and it will also change your day. Small things that you do today have the potential to be game changers later, just from that one interaction.

Things have been very different for everyone this year but there is no reason that we have to stop supporting this amazing cause. So, please reach out and donate what you can to support our local Toys4KCTots organization. Time is short, but we can all still make a huge difference in ending the year on a positive note for a lot of local children. Every donation adds up, so no matter how small, from $1.00 to whatever you can afford.

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Remember to use the hashtag #Toys4KCTots!

In addition to giving us a follow and sharing your posts with the #Toys4KCTots hashtag, make sure to share photos with us! Send any pictures that you would like us to

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