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$9.99 Starter Plan – Up to 5,000 Page Hits/Day (50 Recordings)

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Open Raptor OWA – WordPress Website Monitoring & Analytics.

Raptor OWA is our answer to your WordPress website monitoring needs. Finally understand and see what your users are doing. Raptor OWA Platform Monitoring & Analytics, try it for free today!

With Raptor Open Web Analytics tracking abilities you can record page views, e-commerce transactions, action events, and custom events that you create.

We are always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience, this gives us the necessary visibility directly into the exact experience the user is having to ensure that it is exactly what they are looking for, which equates to conversions.

Raptor Open Web Analytics also gives you the ability to record visitors actions while they are interacting with your website. This information is invaluable as it allows you to see what they are doing by watching the playback videos and make adjustments based on actual user actions.

We now give you Raptor OWA.

Choose the plan that best suites your website needs:

Under 5K page hits/day (50 Recordings)
Up to 10,000 Page Hits/Day (200 Recordings)
Up to 20,000 Page Hits/Day (500 Recordings)
Up to 50,000 Page Hits/Day (1200 Recordings)
Up to 120K Page Hits/Day (2000 Recordings)
Up to 400K Page Hits/Day (7000 Recordings)
Up to 800K Page Hits/Day (14000 Recordings)

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