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Platform versus Website

Platform versus Website, why a website is not enough. It’s not just about having a cool website anymore, while it does still play a significant role, it is only a piece of the ever changing landscape of online business. So how do you remain competitive in this ever changing landscape? You have to start thinking outside of the box and implementing solutions that accompany your website to turn it into a business platform. A business platform will allow you to accomplish many things and make your business agile so that you can adapt to your visitor’s needs. How do you accomplish this you ask? That is a very good question, one that deserves an answer that will help you think about these things as you finish this blog and move on through the remainder of your day. You need to start thinking about your online reputation management, content marketing, content creation, customized applications that can give you the edge over your competition.

Don’t worry, we don’t mind if you come back and read it again just to make sure you see the bigger picture, we actually prefer that. It lets us know that the message that we are trying to send to you is starting to resonate and you want to know more. That’s what good content is about right? It’s like that book that you can’t put down…

So, platform versus website, in all actuality there is no versus at all. The website itself is an integral part of the platform solution, it’s just that the majority of small business owners never think beyond the website itself. If designed well and catered to the desires of your visitors, you will potentially sell more products, but how many are you losing to your competition because they took the steps necessary to ensure all aspects were covered?

What Makes A Platform

Buyer Personas

Who are your customers and what do they want? Your buyer persona is simply a semi-fictional representation of your targeted customer based on market research and real data about your current customers. When you’re creating buyer persona(s), make sure that you consider some of these important factors below,

Customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

The more detailed you are, the better chance you will have at converting your visitors into paying customers.

Content Marketing

How many businesses fail to achieve their objectives because they simply didn’t take the time to invest in a meaningful content strategy? The content on your platform is the image that you portray to your customers and is solely responsible for representing your business. Think about it from this angle, does your platform convey who you are and why potential customers should choose you over another business?

The content you choose to display on your platform will create a perception of what you know, how much you know about a particular subject, what you are capable of, and the things that are important to you. It should convey that you have an in-depth knowledge regarding your subject matter that immediately creates belief and trust with customers. Customers want a product from a business that they can believe in, they want to feel like no matter what happens that you are going to be there to guide them to an informed decision.

SEO Management

If this is your first time in the ring with SEO, you need to ensure that you have developed a strategy that is created based on the business goals that you have established. Once you have establish the target that you are going to focus your efforts on then you need to go into full content management mode and make sure that you are leveraging every opportunity that presents itself. As a rule of thumb you should always utilize the tools that provide the best output to make informed decisions regarding SEO direction but there are always opportunities that have potentially been overlooked.

So don’t confine your thought process to standard input/output, look for the angle that was potentially missed by all of your competition.Before you make any adjustments to an existing platform, you should perform a full SEO audit and keyword research of the current website to see where you rank on searches, identify your competition, and determine where there is opportunity to improve your search rankings in order to drive traffic with a targeted content rich strategy.

Reputation Management

This is not something to be taken lightly, at all. Your customers are your best referral avenue to new customers. You want to ensure that you are getting high quality reviews from your high value customers in order to attract others. Implementing an automated solution that will integrate with your current systems is what we recommend. There are several tools available that can accomplish this and boost your reviews through the roof, you just need to decide which one is best for you.

After performing our analysis of the reputation management industry we decided to partner with BirdEye. We feel very strongly that they have the best of breed solution when it comes to every aspect of your online reputation, so we incorporated their broad range of services into our stack offering for our clients to take advantage of.

In closing, consider all of the criteria that I have mentioned, then look for more to come in our next blog, we truly appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read. Our blogs will touch on each and every aspect of industry standards, custom development and when it is appropriate, and everything else that Ranked Brain can and will deliver based on our what our clients need in order to achieve their business goals.

Kenneth Glenn
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