Platform Analysis & Design

Custom. Visual. Responsive.

At Ranked Brain, we are driven, passionate, and love a challenge. Our designers never settle for less than perfection. We are focused on creating an experience that gives your platform visitors the desire to explore more. Our platforms are custom-built to engage, educate, and then…convert

Our design and development teams have the vision and talent to make a platform engaging – and perform beyond expectations. Absolutely nothing is left to chance, our platforms are designed to make visitors want to continue their journey, convert, and recommend your business.

Time for a redesign? Let’s get engaged!


Our designers have a mastered the user personas response to colors, images, space use, and eye-tracking. Each platform element is designed to create the most engaging response. Our designs are meant to make that first impression one that will not be forgotten. The visual look and feel is the first impression that visitors will have of your brand – our goal is to make it unforgettable.


Our highly talented programmers and developers are always evaluating current and new technological advances to ensure that we are fully prepared to meet the needs of our clients.

Every small detail is evaluated and tested to ensure that the platform performs for ultimate visitor experience and engagement. We expect a flawless visitor experience.


Ranked Brain can deliver a range of ecommerce solutions including customized shopping cart platforms,  pre-built platforms including dropshipping.

From the small to the large online stores, subscription based membership sites with recurring billing, Ranked Brain will create the perfect ecommerce solution to that will convey trust that brings customers  back for another amazing experience.


Depending on your level of expertise when it comes to making updates to your platform, we provide you options that bring comfort and relief. Knowing that your business platform has the best hosting solution behind it, priceless.


Many times your current platform may just be in need of optimization which is a much more cost efficient way to solve your problem. At the end of the day our goal is to provide you with the solution that aligns with your business objectives and fits your budget and situation.


Once we are done with your platform build and deliver your final version, you have options. You can choose to maintain it yourself and we will give you full control, or you can talk to your project manager about our hosting and maintenance plans.